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Justiceday 2019

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The Organization celebrated the twenty-first inauguration of the ICC widely in most of the cities and towns in Kurdistan, including Erbil, Kirkuk, Sulaymaniyah, Halabja, Rizgari and Chamchamal, the center of Anfal Campaign
We also held a conference jointly with the Ministry of Martyrs and genocide victims, on behalf of the Kurdistan Regional Government demanding Iraq to become a member of the ICC. 

KONCICC memorates anfal campaign with call to action of Iraqi ratification of Roma statute

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At the commemoration of the cruel Anfal campaigns and the Halabja chemical attacks KONCICC and it’s member organisation’s urged the Iraqi government yet again to take action to prevent these atrocities from happening again.

20th anniversary of the Roma Statute

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KONCICC organized different activitities througout the KRG celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Roma Statute. At the same time they insisted on the Iraqi Ratification of the Roma to prevent future war crimes against the Kurdish people.

KONCICC attends CSP21 at OPCW

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On the 28th of November the Twenty-First Session of the Conference of the State Parties to the Chemical Weapons convention organized by the OPCW has started and will continue until 2 December. The Kurdish Coalition will also be present at this conference on behalf of the NGO’s who are part of our coalition who work on the prevention of the usage of chemical weapons in Iraq.

During the conference the delegation will keep reiterating the need of an Iraqi membership at the International Criminal Court , as the court is able to prosecute individuals who have used chemical weapons.



The fifteenth session of the Assembly of the State Parties is being held in the Hague from 16 November until 24 November. KONCICC delegates will participate in the Assembly under the Coalition for the International Criminal umbrella. The aim for the delegation during this Assembly will be raising awareness of the crimes committed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The delegation will reiterate the need for a proper prosecution of the persons responsible for these atrocities. They also will focus on the need for an Iraqi membership at the International Criminal Court so that repetition of these crimes can be prevented in the future.

On this occasion the delegation has issued a written statement to all delegates to demand an immediate action by the International community to prosecute the persons behind the atrocities by a referral to the International Criminal Court from the United Nation Security Council.

The statement of the delegation is distributed by the Assembly of the State Parties secretariat to all delegates and is available as a download below.


For more information regarding the Assembly of the State parties we kindly  refer you to the dedicated asp site of the Coalition for the International Criminal Court.

Justiceday 2016

On the 17th July of 2016 during the 18th anniversary of the adoption of the Roma statute the Kurdish Coalition for the International Criminal Court organised different activities around the Northern part of Iraq on the occasion of JusticeDay. During this day the organisation that are part of the coalition urged again  that the Iraqi government has to sign and ratify the Roma statue.  

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